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News Monitoring

Measure the communication performance of your brand and competitors. Build the right PR and content strategy with the support of data monitoring from 10,000 online media, 200 Print Media, and 34 Electronic Media.



Social Media Monitoring

Understand the rapidly evolving dynamics and trends on social media quickly and efficiently. Build consumer loyalty and understand the campaign strategies of various brands across platforms such as X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, forums, and blogs.



Brand Monitoring

Utilize Socioscreen’s brand insights for data-driven decision making. Monitor campaign effectiveness and collaborate with influencers more conveniently. Socioscreen tracks thousands of social media campaigns across various industries in Indonesia.



Digital Research

Artificial intelligence in processing Big Data combined with perspectives from experienced researchers helps you determine business strategies. Binokular’s data anchoring Lab assists brands in staying innovative amidst the abundance of information in this era.


Powerful Features

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard

    We provide a simple and user-friendly dashboard.

  • Accurate

    Binokular implements deep learning to generate more accurate data every day.

  • Custom Reports

    The reports are tailored to your needs.


Michael Kusuma
Head Of Investor Relations Sampoerna Agro

“Binokular makes it easier for us to obtain up-to-date information and news. Its monitoring reports are comprehensive and customizable, and features like news archive searching are very useful. The range of services allows personnel with high mobility to access the website, newsletters, and SMS alerts.”

Arif Haryanto
Corporate Communication Department, PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero)

“Binokular is a smart solution! Monitoring media spread across 13 regions in central to eastern Indonesia, where Angkasa Pura I airports are located, becomes easy and fast with Binokular. The accuracy and relevance of the captured news are commendable. Binokular’s comprehensive and user-friendly web service makes news documentation searches easier. Binokular also helps us respond quickly to any negative news with its SMS alert service. Kudos to all these innovations, Binokular!”

Miranti Hadisusilo
Corporate Secretary & Legal Director, PT Matahari Department Store Tbk

“Binokular has been incredibly helpful for our media monitoring, covering news related to our company, industry, and competitors. Up-to-date information is essential for market analysis, allowing us to respond quickly when necessary.”

Eko Harmonsyah Director of Strategic Planning and Public Relations, Bank Indonesia

“Media monitoring has become easier with Binokular. The necessary information can be searched quickly and accurately using its search engine. The interface is also quite user-friendly. But most importantly, the responsive and proactive service from the Binokular team is extremely helpful.”)

Today, online reputation is the most valuable currency for a brand. Binokular is here to ensure you stay on the right track. Research shows that 76% of users are ready to abandon businesses that fail to respond to criticism on social media, making your presence in digital conversations not just an option, but a necessity. Let’s work together to manage and strengthen your brand’s reputation online.

Creating a successful marketing strategy is no easy task. However, without trying, we will never know if a method works or not. We can also learn from our competitors’ experiences. By tracking competitors’ moves and making data-driven decisions, we can avoid assumptions. Binokular is here to make it easier for you to monitor competitors and take strategic steps with greater confidence.

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